Far too often, people tend to forget to transfer their images from their memory cards to their computers, or other archival forms of media like CD or DVD.  Archiving images on reusable memory cards is always a bad idea, but all of us at one time or another have been guilty of leaving images on these non archival forms of digital media.

Sometimes through archiving or just out of the blue when you go to transfer your images off the digital media, the images are no longer there due to a card error, camera malfunction, or through editing on the camera LCD they are accidently erased.

Imagine the anxiety that can happen when you record precious memories of your child’s birth and first days of life, a school event like a prom or graduation, a wedding day, or any other once in a lifetime event…and the pictures just vanish!  We see this happen all too often and we understand the importance of these memories of your family, and even images important  to business deals or vacation memories.  You may think the images are gone forever, but that may not be the case!

 Don't worry, we can help

Camtronics offers Digital Image Recovery using state of the art intensive software tools to recover lost images.  We offer this service to all types of digital media including compact flash (CF), secure digital (SD), smart media, xd, CD-ROM, and DVD.

Should you lose images on any of these media types, do not attempt to format the card or use it in a camera to record more images.  Contact us before you do anything and we can give you a free estimate for the recovery process.  There is no charge for the recovery attempt if no images are recovered, and any images recovered are burned to an archival CD or DVD for long-term storage.