How It Works

So you have discovered that you have a problem with your camera, and now you wonder how to start the repair process.  It’s easier than you think!

 Local? Come on in…

Contact us with make and model as well as a description of the problem.  We may be able at that time to give you a ballpark estimate over the phone, but it is always better to be able to see the camera for a more accurate estimate.  When you contact us, we can arrange a good time for you to visit us.  We can usually provide you with a free estimate while you wait when you visit us.

See our location map to find our store.  If you need more detailed directions you can GoogleMap us or we will be happy to give you directions to our front door when you contact us!

Not local? No problem, just ship it to us!

Contact us with make and model as well as a description of the problem.  We can give you a ball park estimate.
Package the camera in a box that is approved for shipping.  Make sure you can fit the camera in the box and have room to place at least 2 inches of packing material around the entire camera.  Styrofoam packing peanuts are the best form of packing material to use.  Make sure to enclose your contact information along with a brief letter of the defect you are experiencing with the equipment.
Ship the camera to us and make sure to insure the package for replacement cost should anything happen to the box in transit.  We suggest you ship the equipment to us via UPS.  UPS has a proven reliable track record and in our opinion is the best courier in the business.  We also accept shipments from FedEx, US Mail, or any other courier of your choosing.
Once we receive your equipment, we will inspect it to verify the problem and then contact you with an estimate.  Our estimates are free and should you decide to have the equipment returned to you unrepaired, you are not obligated to any charges above return shipping and handling fees.

It’s that simple! Camtronics wants to make the repair experience a simple for you as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will always do our best to help!